Ryoko Ono & Rogier Smal cd.
Released by Jvtlandt and ToztizokZoundz.
Artwork by Simon Fowler.

Rogier Smal & Pascal Nichols split tape. Solo drums.
Released by Chocolate Monk and ToztizokZoundz.
Artwork by Maia Matches.

Eugene Chadbourne & Rogier Smal tape
"green like mama ganja"
released by toztizokzoundz

Cathy Heyden, David Birchall and Rogier Smal tape.
live at Tubers Fest, Manchester.
Released by Toztizok.

Rogier Smal & Asuna Arashi. Japan tour tape 2015.
Released by wfttapes.

Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal Tape.

Rogier Smal Solo CD.

Nora Mulder & Rogier Smal DUO cd.
Released by toztizok zoundz.

Johannes Lund // Maria Bertel // Rogier Smal TRIO tape.
Released by yoyooyoy, egetvaerelse, toztizok.
Artwork by Johann Kauth

Dylan Carlson & Rogier Smal 12" vinyl album.
Released by Toztizok Zoundz.
Artwork by Helena Sanders and Simon Fowler

 Cathy Heyden & Rogier Smal 12" vinyl album.
released by toztizok
artwork by Helena Sanders

David Birchall & Rogier Smal DUO tape.
Released by Poot records.
Artwork by Simon Fowler

Dylan Carlson , Rogier Smal split 7"
released by ToztizokZoundz.
Artwork by Helena Sanders

Rogier Smal  "freedrum"  solo tape.
Stencilled artwork.  
Totizok Zoundz

Dagora / Mik Quantius / Thomas Hopf cd
Recorded at drop out studio. South London 
Toztizok Zoundz.

Rogier Smal "Snaredrumming" solo tape.

                                              Dagora "Moments for mountains" double LP.
Artwork by Manuel Padding

       Frankie Vis & Peter Quistgard & Rogier Smal  "fortunate wheel"  tape. 
Toztizok zoundz & Plattegrond.
Artwork by Helena Sanders

      Roro & PQ  "body weather contact music" 
Silver Ghost tape label
Artwork by Manuel Padding


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